Latest Parish Events 2018

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Advent Service in Northallerton

Tuesday 18th December

Canon Twomey joined Father Michael Keogh and Father James Blenkinsopp in Sacred Heart Northallerton for an Advent Reconciliation Service.

Wednesday 31st October

I hope the following images bring a little flavour of the funeral to those who were not able to attend.

The Funeral booklet for Deacon John Steel.

Deacon John's Funeral Booklet

St Ethelreda's Church, Ely

Wednesday 31st October

St Etheldreda's Church in Ely

Wednesday 31st October

Bishop Terry sprinkles Holy water on the coffin and then incenses it as part of the Commendation.

Bishop Terry sprinkles Holy water on the coffin.

The Procession

Wednesday 31st October

The Clergy gather in the aisle to form into the Procession.
There were two Bishops, Bishop Terry and the local Bishop, about fifteen Priests and two or three brother Deacons. To see a little of this click Here

New Head of our Catholic Primary school

Sunday 23rd September

The head of our Catholic Primary School has added the Northallerton Sacred Heart Primary School to her responsibilty. Here is how this news was covered in the Catholic Voice. Click on this link for more stories from the October edition of the Diocesan Catholic Voice

Sunday 1st April
Easter Sunday

Today we celebrate the risen Christ



Easter Food Basket

Saturday 31st March

Blessing of Easter Food baskets. For details Click Here

Friday 30th March
Good Friday

Today we remember the day when Christ was put to death on the cross

The Crucifix

The Last Supper

Thursday 29th March
Holy Thursday

Today we remember the Last Supper when Jesus gathered with Desciples to celebrate the Passover. During this time He washed the feet of the Disciples and encouraged them to do the same. Also He gave us the Eucharist when He broke the bread and took the wine and gave it to the Disciples saying "Take this all of you and eat/drink it. Do this in memory of Me". Following the meal they went out into the night where He asked them to stay awake with him for an hour untill he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot who brought men to arrest Jesus.

This Mass was the first of the Tridium of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, when Jesus was crucified, and Easter Sunday when He rose from the dead.

Sunday 25th March
Palm Sunday

Today we remember the arrival of Jesus on a Donkey into Jerusalem when branches and cloaks were placed on the road in front of him. This floral arrangement is topped with three palm crosses. Parishioners collected a palm cross on the way into Church and these were blessed at the start of Mass.

Palm Sunday Floral Decoration


Tuesday 6th March

The All Saints Voices on a training Day! Do you enjoy singing in church? Why not join the All Saints Voices. Enthusiasm more important than ability. Practices are held in the Church Hall on some Wednesday afternoons but attendance is not compulsory. Join us and enjoy contributing to Sunday worship even more. For more information speak to Margaret Rush (the organist) or any of the choir.

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